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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

THE VICE AMERICA NEEDS MOST ( and I don't mean Cheney)

Snobbism is commonly considered a vice, but I believe that America could sure use a healthy dose these days. The Yahoos ...cultural, political and social..have been ruling the roost for the last few years, with disastrous results. Americans have always been phobic about admitting class distinctions exist in our country, not understanding that the difference between the U.S. and the öld world” is that one can more easily change class here, move up or down according to one’s education, deportment and yes, of course, income. It used to be that lower and lower middle class people observed and tried to emulate upper-middle and upper class people. No longer is this true.
Take the style of dressing one observes, for example. Well-bought up people know and enjoy that there are many, many gradations between the two poles of casual and formal. This distinction is lost on the masses today. For example, Richard Nixon walking on the beach in a dark suit, white shirt and tie is a bit ludicrous...but so are the hordes of people who board airplanes in shorts, the ubiquitous T-shirts and flip-flops. This is expected from lower-class people, but not acceptable from educated persons, or from college students (at least those attending real colleges, where the college president is paid more than the football coach).
Other areas of triumph for the lower classes are spoken English, where supposedly educated folk say “like” and “you know” every five seconds....and tattoos, now seen almost as frequently on women as on men.
One possible solution: a television show hosted by a qualified snob. Each week our urbane and madly superior host or hostess will highlight some new outrage by overpaid, oversexed underclass idiot pop stars, athletes or attention-loving fools. The fear of snobs may account for many Americans dislike of the French, who have not completely abandoned respect for proper behavior.
Vive les snobs! Long live the snobs!
Herbert Zohn


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