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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Paul Newman is quoted as saying that Bette Davis originated this phrase:” Getting old is not for sissies.” We do have a tendency to get startled when we see a movie star of the past make an appearance! They look so old!... why should we be surprised? Old age is a process very difficult to accept. We dye our hair, work-out our buns to keep the body going...but eventually we get old and “ buy the big casino“ . It’s the life process. Ms Davis was right...”getting old is not for sissies”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Estou lhe escrevendo aqui do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Achei interessante o seu costume de olhar a idade das pessoas mortas na coluna dos obituarios, porquê pensava que so eu que tinha essa mania ...

Mas eu sei que tem muita gente que faz isso !

Acredito que so aqueles que passaram dos 50 anos que adquirem essa mania, não ?

Clecia Heijsteeg

6:35 AM

Blogger Ron Southern said...

Bravo, Bette! My favorite quote, even before I began to get old. Bette Davis was harsh, but heroic, I think. Not a gal to be messed with.

12:39 PM


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