Over the years I have written four letters to The New York Times.Two of them were published which shows that my view points were taken into consideration.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have a habit: the first thing I look at in the New York Times every morning is the obituary page. I want to see men who died over 50 and the causes of death. I skip the ones who die over 80 and up, and I focus on men of my age. I want to figure out how much time I have left. Usually heart attack and cancer are the culprits with some occasional not-so common diseases. If I see a death of a 30-and-up man...I figure that he was a victim of an accident or drug overdose even before I read the obituary. Years ago most of men who died at this age were victim of Aids. However this week I saw an unusual cause of death: a man was eaten by a crocodile while on an organized safari in Botswana( Africa). The Times did not give too many details of how a man on an organized safari could be eaten by a crocodile. Was he pulled out of a canoe? Was he trailing his arm in the water? I read an article some time ago that crocodiles used to be fearful of men, but now, due to the way the hunters approach them for their skin , they become very aggressive and can attack. This makes me think twice if I ever visit the Everglades in Florida again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Estou lhe escrevendo aqui do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Achei interessante o seu costume de olhar a idade das pessoas mortas na coluna dos obituarios, porquê pensava que so eu que tinha essa mania ...

Mas eu sei que tem muita gente que faz isso !

Acredito que so aqueles que passaram dos 50 anos que adquirem essa mania, não ?

3:32 PM


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