Over the years I have written four letters to The New York Times.Two of them were published which shows that my view points were taken into consideration.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

RAIN ! The biggest Villain in Holywood !

It was Hollywood which gave the rain a bad rap. How many countless movies were made where the rain is serving as a backdrop for a murder scene, an atack by a vampire, an aparitian of a ghost, a burglary etc. Fortunately some directors like Stanley Kubrick did a horror scene in " The Shining" in complete daylight. And how about the brilliant opening of Hitchcock' s " Frenzy"? Fortunately a great number of people have a very good feeling about the sooting effect of a rainy night and great childhood memories of a rainy day. I am one of those persons and in my art I did several works using the rain as a focal point.

Photo: Rain by Hely Lima


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