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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I like to watch TV interviews. Writers, biographers…interesting people.
But I must confess that contemporary movie stars have a tendency to be overly sweet about their peers. It’s very common to hear them say that it was a pleasure to work with So and So when we all know that in any working environment, there is clash between co-workers ( especially in a creative field) . Some old stars like Bette Davis, unburdened by excessive PR advisors, were more honest and less diplomatic. When an enterviewer asked her how she felt about working with Miriam Hopkins, she lit a cigarette and said: " That was a bitch!" Asked about working with Errol Flynn...her answer was: " he was a very handsome man...but what a ham!" Celeste Holm who worked with Bette Davis in " All About Eve" complained how rude and crude Miss Davis was.
My favorite movie star "dish" was a comment supposedly made by Marlene Dietrich about Loretta Young, who was known as a devout catholic. Dietrich said: " If Loretta Young slept with a co-star during filming, she was so guilt-ridden, she gave money for a new church to be built. In Beverly Hills, there’s practically one on each corner"


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Nice blog. I've run across it before, but dismissed it because it looked sorta dull at the top. But the writing is interesting, so I was mistaken before. Rave on.

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