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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Olympia" throughout the times!

It is very common for an artist adapt a painting done by another artist to his own style."Olympia", the famous nude by Manet is no exception. Initially created by the painter Giorgione ( 1477/1510) with the tile of Sleeping Venus, it was later copied by Tiziano (1488/1510) title Venus of Urbino. In modern times, countless artists have tackled the same subject, mainly after the work of Manet titled "Olympia.' The artist Larry Rivers created his "Olympia", a three-dimensional painting.
Since Olympia was a portrait of a prostitute, I created my "Olympia" in a Peep-show in New York City.
Photo 1) Olympia by Larry Rivers
Photo2) Olympia by Hely Lima


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