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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Flip-flops are OUT!

(CNN) — The Cinque Terre coastline of Italy has an almost mythic status among travelers -- who haven't seen photographs of the pastel-colored houses built into rugged cliffs, surrounded by the bright blue sea, and fallen instantly in love?
In person, the region's even more spectacular -- these five picturesque fishing villages are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason.
But if you travel there this summer with only your flimsy sandals and flip-flops in tow, you might have a bit of a shock.
The Cinque Terre National Park authority is running a public information campaign warning tourists about climbing the cliffs without appropriate footwear.
And if you choose to ignore the advice, you could face fines of between €50 ($56) and €2,500 ($2,826).
It's all because mountain rescue teams are becoming increasingly exasperated with rescuing ill-prepared visitors on the mountainous walkways.


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