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Sunday, May 31, 2020

NEW YORK CITY Salutes the Spring!

This spring of 2020, because of the pandemic, the whole world is shrouded in a shadow of uncertainty and death. The normally bustling New York is now quiet and empty, full of inexplicable desolation and loneliness ... until a certain morning, when you walked in a corner of Manhattan, you accidentally encountered a large bouquet of flowers and bumped into the arms of spring’s abundance ...
You cannot help stopping, can't help lingering, can't help feeling. It turns out that the flowers are still blooming under the haze of the pandemic. It turns out that even though life is so fragile, it is still so beautiful!
Therefore, you cannot help curling your lips up and filled with confidence, because you believe that the pandemic will pass, and the world will be better!gardening
This genius idea for decorating Manhattan with flowers comes from floral designer Lewis Miller, who was born in the California countryside. Full of respect for nature as a youngster, he moved to Seattle at age 18 and studied gardening and landscape design. After seven years of successful practice in design, flowers and event planning, Lewis moved to New York City in 2000, and worked in top floral boutiques. Eventually, he founded his own company: LMD New York (Lewis Miller Design), which soon became one of the leading floral design companies in the city, known for his fantastic wedding and party arrangements. In the past few months, Lewis Miller and the team have been secretly creating what they call "Flower Flash", a flower arrangement in Manhattan trash cans and street corners. "Flower Flash" aims to honor the medical staff and other first responders, to bring joy to New Yorkers who commute on a daily basis, and let in the spring of during the pandemic.
The bright and beautiful flowers that suddenly appeared in seemingly random locals were a surprise that Lewis and his team presented to Manhattan every morning. All works were started at around 5:45am in the morning and completed before sunrise. They never announce in which corner of Manhattan the next “Flower Flash” would be held. Every time they finished the installation, they would paint the sign LMDxNYC in chalk, and then quietly leave. Thus, each creative flower arrangement would bloom in the first rays of sunlight in the morning....


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