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Saturday, December 19, 2020

‘A Social Species’: How Kangaroos Communicate With People

Researchers say that kangaroos are the first wild animals to exhibit interspecies communication that is more commonly seen in animals that have evolved alongside humans.

By Yan Zhuang

Dec. 18, 2020

MELBOURNE, Australia — When they’re hungry, they’ll let you know by coming up to you and looking beseechingly at you and the container of food.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll sniff and paw at your leg.

No, we’re not talking about dogs. We’re talking about kangaroos.

‘A Social Species’: How Kangaroos Communicate With People

Photo Credit: Kangaroos at Lake Conjola, Australia. Researchers said they hoped the results of their study would persuade people to treat kangaroos with more care.

Credit...Matthew Abbott for The New York Times 


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