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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Hamburgers made from Human cells?

The installation of steak grown from human cells at the Design Museum in London was intended to criticize the meat industry’s rising use of living cells from animals. It ended up triggering a roiling debate about bioethics and the pitfalls of artistic critique.

Orkan Telhan, an artist and associate professor of fine arts at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, spent the last year imagining how climate change might impact the future of food consumption. He collaborated with scientists to create a project that included 3-D printed pancakes, bioengineered bread,

and genetically-modified salmon. But it was their provocative, and less appetizing, development of what they call “Ouroboros Steak,” meat cultivated from human cells and expired blood, that challenged the sustainability practices of the nascent cellular agriculture industry, which develops lab-grown products from existing cell cultures. 

Photo:“Ouroboros Steak” (2019), vitamin-like discs produced from human cells, designed by Andrew Pelling, Grace Knight and Orkan Telhan, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art last year.Credit...Philadelphia Museum of Art; Joseph HuAfter the Ouroboros Steak traveled to the Design Museum in October, an intense online debate grew over the project’s motivations, and the artist received dozens of threatening emails and social media posts calling him “wicked” and “pure evil.” Some messages have demanded the destruction of the artwork. According to Mr. Telhan, who provided the emails and tweets to a reporter, “the focus quickly became centered on accusations that we were promoting cannibalism.”

The New York Times- Zachary Small.


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